Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Four Easy Stretches to Avoid Injury on the Golf Course

It’s a beautiful day and you’re excited to get on the course. Don’t underestimate the strain and effort required to play golf. To avoid injury, be sure to spend a least five minutes stretching before you start swinging! Here are a few quick and easy golf stretches to help you… Read More

How to Stay Healthy and Injury-Free as We Head into Spring

Once we “spring ahead” an hour this weekend and start enjoying extended hours of daylight, our urge to spend more time outside increases. Unless you’ve spent your spare time on a ski hill all winter, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of your working and free time indoors. Now that… Read More

Your Posture Tip for June — Triangle

Your Posture Tip for October — Pranayama

Your Posture Tip for July — Dancer’s Pose

5 Ways to Avoid Pain and Improve Your Golf Game

Physically the game of golf can be quite deceiving. After all, there’s no running or jumping like in basketball, no throwing or pitching balls like in football and baseball and no monstrous commitment to cardio like in swimming or jogging. Where the sport of golf truly deceives us is in… Read More

Your Posture Tip for April — Side Twisting Pose

Your Posture Tip for December — Runner’s Lunge

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Your Posture Tip for October — Backbend