Exercise Your Way to Better Health

Discover the Benefits of Getting Your Exercise in the Water

The heat is on across Southern Ontario. Whether you’re staying cool in a nearby lake, beach, or swimming pool, let’s talk about water exercises and why they’re good for your body. Here are nine benefits of exercising — particularly swimming — in water: There’s low impact on your joints: Water… Read More

Make Walking Part of Your Daily Routine

Walking is the simplest way to give yourself a workout. Moving is improving so even 15 minutes a day can start you on the way to making walking a habit. Although walking is easiest when the weather is agreeable, don’t let a little rain or light snow keep you indoors!… Read More

How Exercise Helps to Manage Osteoporosis

Aging, obesity, and chronic health conditions, among other things, can lead to limited mobility and strength. And these issues can in turn contribute to spine, muscle, and joint problems. Starting at age 30, our bones decline in density. And if bone mass gets dangerously low, it’s called osteoporosis. Physical exercise,… Read More

Walk Your Way to Better Health

  At Pickering Village Chiropractic & Massage, we understand the importance of keeping your body moving! Chiropractors Dr. John Noble and Dr. Mark Fera are spine, muscle, and nervous system experts and encourage you to incorporate walking as part of your daily routine. Here’s why: 1. Walking is good for… Read More

7 Reasons to Stay Active All Year Round

After months of stay-at-home orders and a winter spent inside, we’re slowly starting to emerge from our homes. We hope you’re getting ready to hit the streets and hiking trails on a more frequent basis. This past year has disrupted our routines, often shoving exercise to the bottom of our… Read More

How Does Cold Weather Impact Our Bodies?

With Southern Ontario experiencing its first long stretch of really cold weather, February — the longest shortest month of the year — is fulfilling its destiny as a month to be endured. More Aches and Pains? Have you ever noticed that as the weather gets colder you experience more aches… Read More

How to Treat Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

  If getting in shape or intensifying your workout routine was one of your resolutions for 2020, you’ve likely had your fair share of time at the gym these past few months. Have you ever wondered why your muscles feel so sore after a workout? One reason may be delayed… Read More

Resolve to Say Yes to Exercise in 2020

Before the holidays are officially behind us, it’s time for one more tradition: setting our goals and resolutions for the New Year. While many of us place weight loss, healthy eating and getting fit at the top of our to-do list at the beginning of each year, it can be… Read More

How Will You Stay Active This Winter?

As we prepare to officially welcome winter this coming weekend, it’s worth reviewing how our exercise habits will change once snow and ice become a daily occurrence. It’s no surprise that when it gets cold outside, we tend to spend more time indoors doing sedentary activities and it can be… Read More

Five Things to Remember When You’re Transitioning from the Treadmill to Running Outside

The increase of runners on the road — and sidewalks — is a sure sign spring has officially arrived! If you’re one of the many people who has made the decision to take your cardio routine from the treadmill to the sidewalk – congratulations! You’re on your way to reaping… Read More