Headache Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Your Headache Pain

Do frequent headaches disrupt your life? Managing them can be challenging, especially considering the various types and triggers they encompass. In Canada, headaches are a prevalent issue, often posing diagnostic challenges due to their multifaceted nature. They seem to emerge unexpectedly for many individuals, regardless of the time of day…. Read More

Concussion Warning Signs and Symptoms

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when your brain is shaken inside your skull. All it takes is a hard tumble on the basketball court or a blow to your head, neck or body. That’s right, you don’t necessarily have to hit your head. It can happen… Read More

Why Headache Sufferers Turn to Chiropractic Care for Relief

Are you a headache sufferer? Do you find you get them regularly? Headaches are very common among Canadians and can be very complex to diagnose. For some, they can seemingly strike at any time. There are many types of headaches: Tension Headaches The most common type of headache, tension headaches… Read More

The Different Types of Headaches & How Chiropractic Can Help

Are you a headache sufferer? A whopping 59 percent of Canadian adults report suffering from some form of headache. Are you one of them? Often debilitating, headaches are an unpleasant discomfort, pain or pressure that can be addressed by manual therapies, relaxation and rest, hydration and even short-term use of… Read More

What’s Causing Your Muscle Knots? (And How Can You Get Relief?)

Have you ever experienced the tender, achy feeling of a muscle knot in your back, shoulders or neck? If so, you’re not alone. Research has shown that muscle knots may affect up to 85 per cent of the population, impairing mobility, causing pain, and in some cases, reducing a person’s… Read More

Try This Stretch for Headache Pain Caused by Improper Desk Posture

Have you been spending more time at your desk lately? As we make our way through these cold February days, it’s only natural to enter hibernation mode. But if you go home after a long day at your desk only to crouch over your laptop, you may find that all… Read More