Preventing Injuries

Don’t Let Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow Keep You Sidelined

With tennis courts and golf courses open for the season, it’s only a matter of time before you feel the effect that repetitive movements can have on your body. Repetitive strain or injury due to overuse is common in recreational sports. In fact, two of the most popular injuries are… Read More

Avoid Injury on the Golf Course: Stretch Before Your Swing

As the weather warms and the rainy days subside, many Ontario golfers are gearing up to get back on the course. Don’t let your enthusiasm keep you from understanding the strain and effort required to play golf. To avoid injury, spend at least five minutes stretching before you start swinging!… Read More

How Massage Therapy Helps Boost Performance and Prevent Injury

As the warmer spring weather enters the forecast, Canadians are heading outside for some fresh air and outdoor activity. Whether your activity of choice is gardening, golfing, running or biking, there’s a good chance you’ll fail to prepare your body properly for the additional exertion and need some form of… Read More

9 Tips for Lifting and Carrying Your Luggage

March is almost here and with it comes the mass exodus of families heading off to sunny destinations. In the excitement of packing for a vacation or family visit, it’s easy to get carried away and pack more than you need into your suitcase and carry-on. “Over-packed luggage and improper… Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding “Text Neck”

If you’re reading this blog post from your phone, there’s a good chance you’re engaging in a serious but harmful position referred to as “text neck.” What is text neck? Text neck is a repetitive stress injury to the neck caused by holding your head in a forward and downward… Read More

How Cold Weather Affects Our Bodies

We’re halfway through January and Southern Ontario is experiencing its first long stretch of really cold weather. Have you ever noticed that as the weather gets colder you experience more aches and pains and your muscles feel stiffer? More Aches and Pains? “Cold weather causes muscles to lose more heat… Read More

10 Ways to Maintain Your Good Health in 2024

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions to start 2024? As we work our way through the often long and dreary month of January, we thought it would be a good time to review some goals for the year. Here are our top 10 chiropractor-approved resolutions to help you stay… Read More

Walk Like a Penguin This Winter to Avoid Slipping on the Ice

Winter has officially arrived in Southern Ontario! Once the temperature drops, what starts as a wet sidewalk or driveway can quickly turn into a sheet of ice. Whether you’re going outside for some exercise, running an errand, or simply getting to and from your car, winter walking can be hazardous. “Each… Read More

Winter is Coming: Follow These Tips to Avoid Injury While Shovelling

Winter is just a few weeks away, and you know what that means: snow! No matter where you live in Southern Ontario, snow is virtually guaranteed. And while that means more chaos on the road for drivers, it also means more homeowners suffering from sore backs because of improper snow… Read More

Five Ways to Avoid Back Pain Over the Holidays

December is just a few days away and with it, the season for eating great food, spending quality time with loved ones and sharing cherished traditions. Unfortunately, all of the hustle and bustle can also bring you an unwelcome gift — back pain. Holiday activities such as shopping, wrapping gifts… Read More