Are You Sitting Properly? How Your Daily Desk Posture Impacts Your Body

A whopping 80% of the working population will experience some form of back pain at least once in their lifetime — 80%!

Many people sit all day at work, often with poor posture, and this can increase the risk of developing neck, shoulder and back pain.

Sitting down for long periods of time, repetitive movements and awkward seating positions may lead to pain and discomfort.

In this video, registered massage therapists Jessica Raedisch and Rolf Castanheiro address four of the most commonly seen problem areas for people who spend extended hours sitting at a desk.


Posture Problem 1: Forward head carriage while looking at the screen.

Posture Problem 2: Rounded shoulders as they reach out to the keyboard.

Posture Problem 3: Excessive sitting which leads to back pain, putting pressure on disks

Posture Problem 4: Crossing legs while sitting which strains the hip joints/

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for stretches and techniques to help alleviate the pain caused by improper desk posture.

Don’t be a slave to the office — get moving and enjoy doing the things you love.
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