The Magnificent Human Body!

We usually see our body as a collection of many parts like arms, legs, trunk and head; simple components connected together. From this viewpoint, it may be difficult to imagine that the human body consists of over 70 trillion cells, spaces between the cells, and body fluids, all contained within an organ called the skin.
Cells are the basic unit of the body. They group together to form tissues. Examples of tissues include fingernail, adenoid and brain tissue. Tissues form the framework for the organs and in turn the organs group together to form systems. Examples of systems are: the reproductive system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system. These and other systems usually act together synergistically. They have a common purpose – keeping the body functioning normally and in good health.
Each cell in the body has a mind of its own. It knows how to create patterns, interconnections, symmetries and transformations which maintain our body. Each one contains a complete genetic blueprint for construction an entire body, but we are talking about more than this. Cells have memory, they respond to stimuli, and they are able to distinguish amongst themselves. Cells are able to regulate essential functions and communicate between systems. So it is important to realize that your mind or intelligence is not confined solely to the brain, but permeates your entire being.
Cells go through constant change. We discard dead skin cells every day. The skin we see right now is different from the skin we had last month. Our bones seem solid but we actually acquire a new skeleton every three months on a molecular level. There is so much more renewal than medicine previously recognized. All of the cells in our bodies (except those in the central nervous system) are replaced at least every seven years. We are always in process.
Another important aspect of the body is this: it sustains homeostasis – a state of equilibrium or physiological balance within the body. This means the body is always doing its best to maintain the internal balance needed to live. If we become too hot, the body will regulate itself and we will sweat until the temperature is back to normal. Normal may be different for everyone; it is the point each body returns to more of the time.
In terms of healing, the body always wants to be in a state of balance. When we cut ourselves, the body heals the cut without any conscious effort on our part. The body is then back to normal. This is turn in the disease process as well. The immune system is always working with all the other systems toward putting the body back into balance.

          – “The Immune System Hand Book” – Charlene A. Day