Strength Training Exercises to Include in Your Fit-in-15 Fitness Program

Last week, we discussed the importance of including cardio in your Fit-in-15 fitness program. And while walking is often the most convenient and cost effective way to kick-start your program, there are a lot of other fun and interesting ways to stay active over the winter months.
Grab your skates and a head over to the local arena during their public skate times or take your kids for a swim in your community’s indoor pool. Want to try something new? Sign up for a weekly yoga or fitness class, or polish your tennis skills with indoor lessons at your local recreation centre. There are lots of ways to stay active and have fun!
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One way to make your cardio workouts easier is by keeping your muscles strong. Stronger muscles provide better support to the joints of your body and when your muscles and joints are fit, you’ll find it easier to perform physical tasks such as walking, lifting and bending.

The Fit-in-15 website is full of great strength training exercises to incorporate into your weekly fitness program. Click on the region you wish to strengthen from the list below and it will take you to Fit-in-15’s easy-to-follow instructions. Choose the exercises that will work best for you, start slow and work to the best of your ability.
At Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic, Dr. Noble and Dr. Fera believe staying active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions about the exercises in the Fit-in-15 program, contact them today at 905-427-3202.