One in Every Three Canadians Over the Age of 65 Will Experience a Fall

Falls are all too common in our aging population, with 1 in every 3 Canadians over the age of 65 experiencing a fall. The most common injuries from those falls include fractures to the hips, wrists and pelvis.

Falls can swiftly take away the sense of independence and confidence that allows a senior to fully enjoy their life. A senior who’s suffered an injury from a fall knows the dramatic impact it can have not just physically, but psychologically.

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Here are some easy tips and techniques anyone can use to help reduce the risk of injury as a result of a fall.

Reduce clutter in the home

Maybe it’s time for some fall cleaning. Getting rid of loose articles such as rugs prevents you from slipping or tripping in your home. Reducing clutter can make for a much safer environment.

Ensure easy transfers in and out of the bath

The combination of water and tile can be drastic. Installing grab bars in your bathroom to help with getting in and out of the tub is an affordable adjustment that can minimize your chances of slipping and falling on a wet floor.

Wear supportive footwear

Many of us wear slippers around the house, especially during the colder months. Making sure your slippers have traction and are non-slip can safeguard you from falling in your home.

Have your eyesight and hearing checked every year

Having your vision and hearing checked regularly is vital. If hearing or vision is impaired, you can miss important cues that help maintain your balance, resulting in a fall.

Exercise regularly

Although it can be a daunting task, exercising to improve strength and coordination helps to prevent your chances of losing balance and falling. In fact, healthy aging relies on your ability to keep moving and enjoying daily activities with little pain or limitations.

Have your medications evaluated

It is possible for a patient to receive several prescriptions from multiple doctors. By evaluating the medication you are on, you can decrease the chances of side effects and keep your sensory functions that help you stay balanced and upright intact.

Have your strength and balance tested

A person with low mobility levels and poor balance is at a higher risk of falling. Being mobile and continuing to improve balance is vital to helping prevent falls and injuries.

By following these prevention tips, you can reduce your chances of experiencing a fall that may lead to additional injuries down the road. If you’re interested in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as you grow older, a preventative approach to your health care is key.

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With content from the Ontario Chiropractic Association