Get Ready for Golf at Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic

Let’s be honest. Most golfers are more motivated to improve their games than to prevent injuries. Serious golfers work hard at improving their game: expensive equipment, professional lessons, and hours of reading and practice. Yet many golfers bypass an important part of playing well — exercise. 
During an average 18-hole round, most recreational golfers take more than 100 swings, including practice swings, as well as walk six to eight kilometres and bend more than 30 to 40 times. You don’t have to be a health specialist to see the demands a leisurely round of golf has on the body, especially the low back.
A leading cause of golf injuries is overuse. Golfers typically suffer from low back injuries, but these are often a result of poor technique, improper warm-up and lack of conditioning. In addition to low back injuries, male golfers typically suffer from shoulder and elbow injuries, while wrist injuries are common with female golfers. 
Whether you are new or experienced on the golf course, a sport-specific physical training program can give you that extra edge. After a layoff from the game, such as over the winter, begin slowly and follow a condition plan. By following some basic guidelines, you will not only decrease your risk of injury but you can also improve your game and lower your handicap. 
Ajax chiropractors Dr. Noble and Dr.Fera believe a good golf-conditioning program emphasizes flexibility, strength, posture, stabilization, balance and endurance. This aims to create a well-rounded golfer by incorporating technical, mental and physical disciplines. Here’s why:
  • Flexibility improves joint range of motion and helps avoid muscle strain or soreness. To execute an optimal golf swing, a full range of motion is essential.
  • Strength adds power to a swing and prepares the body for repetitive stresses from the sport. A strong muscular system translates into long-term injury prevention.
  • Posture is important, especially at the top and finish of the swing. Good posture allows for efficient movement, less chance of injury, better recruitment of muscles, increased swing consistency and a positive mental outlook.
  • Stability in the shoulder girdle will affect proper grip and arm position, while stability in the lower spine will affect hip rotation. Failure to stabilize in these areas can create inconsistencies in your swing.
  • Balance contributes to and is a very important component of an effective golf swing.
  • Endurance in the cardiovascular system enhances your performance, helps delay fatigue and allows for better mental focus. 
Remember to warm up and stretch before and after your play — your body will thank you for it.
The wonderful thing about golf is that you can play it for a lifetime if you keep your body in shape, your technique in check and your game plan at par. We all know the game is continually progressing, so keep up with the times. Or better yet, keep up with your playing partners and get yourself ready for your next game.
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