Eating to Heal Inflammation? Nutritionist Julie Daniluk Tells Us How!

At Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic, we believe in safe, drug-free healing for your entire body. As part of our multidisciplinary approach to health care, we often recommend supplements from Preferred Nutrition. Nutritionist Julie Daniluk, whose videos often appear on this site, is one of Preferred Nutrition’s valued consultants and has recently released her book, Meals that Heal Inflammation.

About the book:

Inflammation is on the rise. Conditions such as allergies, skin disorders, asthma, heart disease, arthritis and any other condition ending in “itis” all have an inflammatory component. In Meals that Heal Inflammation, registered holistic nutritionist Julie Daniluk shows how to change our immune response through diet. Featuring a practical nutrition guide, menu plan and 130 easy and delicious recipes, Meals that Heal Inflammation makes healthful eating a true pleasure.

The first part of the book outlines the six causes of inflammation and gets to the root of the pain we experience. Julie then shows how to build a healthy kitchen full of foods that will contribute to our well-being. The book’s easy and tempting recipes include quinoa salad, salmon with fennel and even key lime pie. Most of the meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and are designed for even novice chefs.

Meals That Heal Inflammation is the comprehensive guide to help you easily implement and commit to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Extensively researched, and full of information about the healing properties of everyday foods, Meals that Heal Inflammation will be a mainstay in any kitchen with a healthy focus.