7 Reasons to Stay Active All Year Round

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reasons to stay active pickering village chiropractic dr john noble

After months of stay-at-home orders and a winter spent inside, we’re slowly starting to emerge from our homes. We hope you’re getting ready to hit the streets and hiking trails on a more frequent basis. This past year has disrupted our routines, often shoving exercise to the bottom of our to-do lists.

At Pickering Village Chiropractic & Massage, we know how important it is to keep your body moving! As spine, muscle, and nervous system experts, chiropractors Dr. John Noble and Dr. Mark Fera would like to share a few reasons for you to stay active:

1. It helps relieve low back pain

If you’ve found yourself sitting more in the past year, it isn’t helping your back pain. Exercise, especially core strengthening, has been shown to be very effective in improving the function of your back.

2. It improves bone health

Current evidence shows that exercise can increase bone density and decrease the risk of falls and fractures in the elderly. Studies have also shown that exercise is comparable to medication in improving the day-to-day functioning of people with osteoarthritis.

3. It helps prevent obesity

Obesity is often linked to many life-threatening illnesses (e.g., diabetes or high blood pressure). There is strong evidence that exercise is important for preventing weight gain as well as keeping your weight stable after you’ve shed some pounds.

4. It helps improve your mental health

Social isolation during the pandemic has made people feel anxious and stressed. Physical exercise can have a positive effect in the long-term management of psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and chronic stress!

5. It helps manage diabetes

Diabetes affects approximately 2.5 million Canadians, with over 200,000 cases being diagnosed every year. Researchers around the globe have all found that regular exercise, along with dietary changes, can help manage diabetes.

6. It prevents your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease

Cancer and heart disease are the leading causes of death in Canada. There is increasing evidence that shows exercise can help protect you from developing cancer in the colon, breast, uterus, and prostate. Studies have also shown that exercise lessens your risk of developing heart disease because it helps reduce the amount of fats and cholesterol in the body (both play a role in damaging your arteries).

7. It can help improve brain health

Individuals who exercise regularly may have a decreased risk of developing dementia. It may also improve balance and function in individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Enjoy the warmer weather and improve your overall health by making exercise a part of your daily routine.

At Pickering Village Chiropractic and Massage, we provide our patients with more than just chiropractic and massage therapy services, but also the know-how to build better personal wellness habits so you can be at your best for work or play, every day.

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