Lower Your Cholesterol with Sytrinol™

At Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic, we believe in taking a multidisciplinary approach to our patients’ overall health. In addition to providing gentle and effective chiropractic care, registered massage therapy, acupuncture and orthotics, we are pleased to offer our patients a variety of trusted supplements by Preferred Nutrition. One product we believe strongly in is  Sytrinol, a patented and powerful antioxidant formula derived from natural citrus and palm fruit extracts.

With measurable effects in 30 days, Sytrinol is designed to support a healthy cardiovascular system and help you:

  • reduce total cholesterol levels;
  • lower LDL (bad) cholesterol;
  • reduce triglycerides;
  • promote HDL (good) cholesterol.

From Preferred Nutrition

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Canada. One of the biggest risk factors is high cholesterol. Studies have shown that Sytrinol is able to lower your total cholesterol, bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides in 30 days. Sytrinol has also been shown to increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels. Sytrinol is a powerful antioxidant with numerous heart health benefits including the reduction of arterial plaque, improved glycemic control and reduced blood platelet aggregation. Sytrinol is a patented formula derived from natural citrus and palm fruit extracts. It combines polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs), delta, gamma, and alpha tocotrienols.

Clinical trials have shown that Sytrinol acts synergistically to improve total cholesterol by 30%, lower LDL cholesterol by 27%, and reduce triglycerides by 34% (compared to a placebo). Sytrinol has also been shown to increase HDL levels.

To date three major studies have been carried out to investigate Sytrinols effects on cholesterol levels. The first study involved 60 participants with raised cholesterol levels. After taking 300mg of Sytrinol each day for four weeks, the researchers found that the treatment lowered total cholesterol by 25%, the bad LDL cholesterol by 19%, and triglycerides by 24%.

In the second smaller study, 10 subjects with elevated cholesterol levels benefited after four weeks of treatment with 300mg of Sytrinol per day. Sytrinol therapy lowered total cholesterol levels by 20%, LDL cholesterol by 22%, apolipoprotein B (a component of LDL) by 21%, and triglycerides by 28%. Additionally, subjects in this trial benefited from a significant 5% increase in apolipoprotein A1 an important structural protein of the good HDL cholesterol.

A third clinical trial involved 120 patients with moderately elevated cholesterol levels. Compared to the placebo group, subjects taking Sytrinol had a decrease of 30% in total cholesterol, 27% in LDL cholesterol, and 34% in triglycerides. In addition, HDL levels increased by 4 per cent, resulting in a significant 29% improvement in the LDL:HDL ratio.

To learn more about Sytrinol, visit Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic, 8 Old Kingston Rd., Ajax. To book a consultation with Dr. John Noble or Dr. Mark Fera, call 905-427-3202.