The Final Piece of Your Fit-in-15 Fitness Habit: Flexibility Stretches

Stretching is often the most overlooked aspect of many people’s fitness regimen. It’s unfortunate because your level of flexibility plays a crucial role in keeping your muscles and joints strong. When your muscles are warmed up, you feel less stiff and movements such as bending, reaching and turning are easier.

Why is stretching so important?

Stretching increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients to muscles and joints. It also promotes tissue healing and injury repair. If done correctly, stretching can improve your balance, posture and increase muscle relaxation.

Stretching = Flexibility = Relaxed Muscles = Less Back Pain
Relaxed muscles require less energy to accomplish tasks than muscles that are tense or fatigued. And when the muscles that attach to your spine and pelvis are relaxed, they exert less pressure on your back and help to prevent back pain.

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The Fit-in-15 website contains flexibility stretches to incorporate into your Fit-in-15 fitness regimen. Choose the stretches that work best for you, start slow and do each stretch to the best of your ability. Fit-in-15’s easy-to-follow instructions can be found here.

Not Every Stretch is Right for Everyone
As a matter of fact, some stretches and techniques can be dangerous for people with joint or muscle problems. It’s important to develop a safe and effective program with the help of a qualified health care professional.

We Can HelpAjax chiropractors Dr. Noble and Dr. Fera are trained to treat and prevent disorders of the spine and extremities, and this includes loss of mobility. They also offer hands-on treatment to the joints and soft tissues, which have been shown to improve mobility and function.

Remember, it’s never too late to increase your level of flexibility. Ask us what simple techniques will help your muscles and joints stay limber, so you can remain active and mobile at any age.

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