The Benefits of Good Posture

Good posture doesn’t just help you look better, it can improve your overall health, as well. A properly aligned spine can contribute to increased energy, better breathing and improved circulation. Maintaining proper posture will help keep your bones and joints in the correct alignment and decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that can result in arthritis.

From the Ontario Chiropractic Association:

The secret to good posture is understanding and maintaining the balance among the spine’s four natural curves — two forward curves (neck and lower back), and two backward curves (middle back and base of the spine). The curves of the spine give it resilience and absorb impact. If the curves are too flat, our ligaments and muscles have to take the extra load and this may result in strain and pain. If the curves are too accentuated, our spine cannot distribute the body’s weight effectively. Either way, movement becomes more difficult, draining our energy.
Yoga helps improve your posture by providing strength and alignment to your spine and the muscles around it. Starting this month, Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic will be posting a posture video tip of the month, courtesy of Moksha Yoga.