Attention All Moms: Make Your Health a Priority Every Day of the Year

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom or Mr. Mom, you’ve got kids depending on you for non-stop nurturing, love and guidance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom to an infant or four teenagers, you’ve undoubtedly got your hands full. The early hours, the late hours, the tears, the scraped knees, the homework and the broken hearts—a mother is expected to take care of everything. But who’s taking care of you?
“Not now, Mommy’s too tired.”
“Kids, quiet down. Mom has a headache.”
Sound familiar?
Society tells us that it’s “normal” for mothers to be tired most—if not all—of the time. The stress of motherhood can sometimes be a headache—and it can cause them, too!
Consequently, Ajax chiropractors Dr.Noble and Dr. Fera believe many mothers accept the feeling of being perpetually “worn down” and accept their reoccurring headaches as part of their daily routine. They turn to caffeine or medication to regain their lost energy and relieve headache pain. Guzzling coffee or popping pills can keep you going at times, but they fail to provide a lasting solution.
It’s simple to discover your own hidden source of energy; you don’t have to rely on drugs that have potentially dangerous side effects. There is a safer, natural and effective way to stay healthy and full of energy. Scientific evidence shows that chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to fight headache pain, increase energy and offer long-term results.
Although Mother’s Day may have come gone, we encourage you to make yourself a priority and look out for number one. Give yourself a gift that will make you a better mom and better person: the gift of health. After all, by taking care of yourself, you will be better able to care for your family. So as you bask in the afterglow from Mother’s Day, Dr. Noble and Dr. Fera urge you to discover how to feel good all year long—without depending on temporary remedies such as pills or caffeine.
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