A Father’s Most Important Role: Staying Healthy

In any society, be it modern, medieval or ancient, fathers have held a significant position. While there are several important relationships in a child’s life, there is no perfect substitute for the closeness shared between a father and his child.

A father’s lifestyle affects his children, and it is quite likely that they will try and adapt some important parts of their father’s lifestyle as they grow into adulthood. If a father can set a good example of leading life in a healthy way, his children are bound to follow. 
The modern dad juggles the demands of long working hours, career travel, parenthood and providing for their family, often at the expense of his own nutritional and health needs. 
For these dads, Dr. Noble and Dr. Fera have some suggestions for this delicate balancing act:
  • Eat together — an occasional lunch date can be a special treat for the kids.
  • Read together.
  • Run errands together — stop for an ice cream afterwards.
  • Talk — and listen.
  • Show affection every day.
  • Exercise together; kick the soccer ball, play road hockey or go to the park.
  • Take care of your body: make an appointment for a family chiropractic checkup.
Fathers: they are our guides, our philosophers and as we get older, our dear and most reliable friends. They helps us choose our paths and set goals in life. And for that, we our eternally grateful. On the third Sunday in June we celebrate this special relationship by showering our dads with cards, presents, and of course, our love and attention. There is no doubt that a dad is more than just an accessory; he’s priceless!
Happy Father’s Day from Ajax-Pickering Village Chiropractic!
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