10 Posture Tips for Older Adults

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What role does good posture play in maintaining your good health?

Proper posture keeps your bones and joints in optimal alignment, allowing you to move easily so that your body supports your weight without strain. Good posture delivers increased energy, better breathing, improved circulation, and less wear-and-tear on your joints. Poor posture can place stress on your tendons, muscles, and ligaments, leading to neck and back pain.

If you suffer from neck and back pain, improving your posture may go a long way in easing your symptoms.

Try incorporating these simple tips into your daily routine and talk to your healthcare provider about other ways to keep your spine aligned and your aches and pains at a minimum.

10 Posture Tips for Older Adults

  1. Place a small towel or pillow in the curve of your lower spine to provide additional support for the low back when sitting.

  2. When sitting, make sure that both feet are flat on the floor.

  3. Sleep on your back or side rather than your stomach, and keep your head position neutral.

  4. Avoid forward bending after long periods of inactivity or unrest.

  5. When knitting or reading, take frequent breaks and change the position of your body.

  6. Try to keep things light by packing only the things you will need. If you use a walker, use a basket attachment to transport your belongings.

  7. When lifting objects, bend your knees to lift with ease. Avoid forward bending and twisting your body while bending.

    Provide support to your back, knees, ankles and arches by wearing a low-heeled, supportive shoe.

  8. Choose soles with good traction to help avoid slips and falls.

  9. Never cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder.

  10. Strong core muscles help maintain appropriate posture and reduce strain on the spine.

Not sure if you have good posture? Take The Posture Test.

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